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Given the weather forecast for this afternoon and evening, we have decided to cancel ALL games for Thursday, June 16.

PECSA will guarantee 10 games to be played through the season. This game will not be made up. Any other cancellations through the season, will be rescheduled.


Find the most up to date information on our Facebook page. You do not need to be a user to view!



Players will have to sit out if they are not wearing shin guards. Referees are required to enforce this Canadian Soccer Association rule of mandatory equipment.

Prince Edward County Soccer Association

A Few Words About Us!
During the past 20 years, Prince Edward County Soccer Association has gone through many changes. We started with one team, and for the first three years we  were supported by the Belleville Soccer Association. Into our fourth year we ventured out on our own, fingers crossed and luck on our side. All of our games were originally played at PECI, and then a vision was seen for a lot across the road, and with the help of many sponsors, volunteers, parents, players and the executives...a dream was realized. Johnson Street was born!

We now hold games four days a week on 6 spectacular fields, with the added benefit of Johnson Street.

PECSA has gone from 40 players to an average of 600 children enjoying the sport every summer.

As we had to cancel the past two seasons, we look forward more than ever to resume play and enter into another great season! Current PECSA executives would like to thank everyone that has been involved in some way for allowing us to grow the way we have! We couldn't have done it without you!

Looking forward to a great 2022 Season!


Check out our Facebook page for weekly updates!

Please remember to always get permission from parents before posting pictures of other peoples children.

Soccer Nets

No child is allowed to play on soccer nets. We as the executive will remove any one found playing around the nets. If it occurs during a game, the ref will stop the game, and the player will be removed an banned from playing the remainder of the game.

Play safe!

Parents & Guardians

Parents, please remember that no child is to be left alone on the fields at any time. Please stay with your child during the whole game.

Challenger Sports Soccer Camp

Soccer camp will be back this summer - July 18-22 for ages 6-18, half days or full days. REGISTER HERE.


U5 [2017/18] - Thursday

U7 [2015/16] - Monday

U9 [2013/14] - Tuesday

U11 [2011/12] - Thursday

U14 [2008/09/10] - Tuesday

U18 [2004/05/06/07] - Monday

Development Program - Wednesday

House league season will start May 24 and finish with a tournament the weekend of August 6/7.

The development program will start June 1st.

Each evening will have various start times, dependent on the number of teams in that age group.

A more detailed schedule will be provided soon. Coaches will be receiving their team information the first week of May.




Team Adjustments

We, as an association, do our best to balance teams. If after the second or third week, there is a clear unbalanced team-weak or strong-we reserve the right to make adjustments to ensure everyone has a great season.

Play Fair

Coaches, please remember this is house league soccer! All players deserve the same amount of time on the field, no matter what their skill level is. Play Fair, Have Fun!


This is a list of commonly asked questions, please read through them before contacting us, as you may find your answer here.

1. When does the 2022 season start?

Currently the plan is to follow our usual season schedule. Starting after Victoria Day with the final tournament the weekend after the August Civic holiday. Our season would start the week of May 24th 2022 with our tournament weekend on August 6/7.

2. What night of the week do we play?

Until we close our registration, we are unable to predict how many teams in each age group, or what nights of play they will be playing. All games take place Monday - Thursday, 6pm and approximately 7pm start for house league.

3. Can my child play if they are 3?

No, unfortunately SOSA (our boss) will not insure any player that is not 4 years of age during the year of play.

4. Can we make a request?

Requests are granted to sponsors of a team, and coaches who gratefully volunteer their time. No other requests will be considered.

5. Refunds

Refunds are not given after the first week of play, unless there is a waiting list for that age group, and your child's spot is filled right away.

6.  Registration

Registration is open until April 11th for house league. Online registration may be open longer ONLY for Adult League. 

7. Receipts

When you register online, you receive an email conformation. 

8.  Hearing from you Coach

Parents should receive a call from their child's coach by May 9th. Please do not contact us to enquire about your child's team until after this date.

CONTACT US --------------------

CONTACT US --------------------

Prince Edward County Soccer Association