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PECSA's Annual General Meeting will be held on

Tuesday, November 28th at 7:30 p.m.

at the Lighthouse Restaurant in the Picton Harbour Inn,

33 Bridge Street, Picton.


Find the most up to date information on our Facebook page. You do not need to be a user to view!

Player Safety


Players are not permitted to play if they are not wearing shin guards under their socks. Referees are required to enforce this Canadian Soccer Association rule of mandatory equipment.


Bracelets, watches, necklaces, earrings can NOT be worn during the game. The only permitted piece of "jewelry" is a medical alert bracelet. Earrings cannot be bandaged over. This is rule of the Canadian Soccer Association that must be enforced by the referees.


No child is allowed to play on the nets. PECSA Executive will remove any one found playing around the nets. If it occurs during a game, the ref will stop the game, and the player will be removed and banned from playing the remainder of the game. Please play safe!


Parents, please remember that no child is to be left alone on the fields at any time. Please stay with your child during the whole game.

Summer Camp

Search Challenger Sports Programs in the USA and CanadaWeek-long half day and full day soccer camps improve your child’s soccer skills while providing a unique cultural experience. Camps are designed for all ages [5 through 18] and ability levels, from beginner to advanced players. We channel our energy and passion for the game into a fun yet developmental environment. 

We use age appropriate practices to help players develop at their own pace, learn brand new skills and become an all-round better player...while having an amazing time with our international coaching staff!

Held at 38 Johnson Street on July 17-21, 2023

Register now!

Team Adjustments

We, as an association, do our best to balance teams. If after the second or third week, there is a clear unbalanced team-weak or strong-we reserve the right to make adjustments to ensure everyone has a great season.

Play Fair

Coaches, please remember this is house league soccer! All players deserve the same amount of time on the field, no matter what their skill level is. Play Fair, Have Fun!


Games will be cancelled if there is lightning, extreme heat advisories, or an AQHI of 8 or higher. The decision is made by the PECSA executive and communicated through our Facebook page, the website, and directly with the impacted coaches to share with their teams.

We have scheduled 11 youth house league games through the season. PECSA will guarantee players get 10 games. If any more than one game is cancelled, those will be rescheduled.


PECSA will accommodate the request from Coaches for their own and one additional player to be on their team.

Sponsors are also granted requests for 1 or 2 affiliated children for their teams.

NEW this year: Additional 'friend' requests will be accepted, but cannot be guaranteed. Please note these parameters:

  1. Requests must be one-to-one player reciprocated requests (i.e. both players must have requested they be on the same team as the other)
  2. Requests are to be made when registering the player online. There is a new field on the form to enter this information.
  3. Requests will not be taken after the registration deadline.
  4. The reciprocal player request must also be made by the deadline.
  5. Requests are accepted at the discretion of the PECSA; submitting a request is not a guarantee that it will be provided. Our main priority when building teams is to balance the skill level to the best of our ability.


Sometimes, families need financial assistance to get their kids into a sport or physical activity.  All of our programs meet the requirements to qualify for Jumpstart support. To find out if you are eligible, click here.

If you are applying for Jumpstart, please email for instructions on how to complete our soccer registration form.


This is a list of commonly asked questions, please read through them before contacting us, as you may find your answer here.

1. When does the 2023 season start?

This year, we will begin our season the week after Victoria Day with the final tournament the weekend after the August Civic holiday. Our season would start the week of May 27th 2022 with our festival weekend on August 12/13.

2. What night of the week do we play?

All games take place Monday - Thursday, 5pm, 6pm and approximately 7pm start for house league. PECSA will continue to dedicate one night to each age group and it is our goal to stick with the 2022 weekly schedule. The U4 program will take place Saturday mornings.

3. At what age can my child start playing?

Children who turn 4 years old within the calendar year can join the U4 First Kicks program, ie. birth year 2019.

4. Can we make a request?

Requests are granted to sponsors of a team, and coaches who gratefully volunteer their time. Additional friend requests [one per player] will be accepted through the registration form this year but cannot be guaranteed.

5. Refunds

Refunds are not given after the first week of play, unless there is a waiting list for that age group, and your child's spot is filled right away.

6.  Registration

Registration is open until April 9th for all youth programs. Online registration may be open longer ONLY for Adult League. 

7. Receipts

When you register online, you receive an email conformation. 

8.  Hearing from you Coach

Parents should receive a call or email from their child's coach by May 15th. Please do not contact us to enquire about your child's team until after this date.

CONTACT US --------------------

CONTACT US --------------------

Prince Edward County Soccer Association