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Our AGM is coming up on Monday November 27th, Bloomfield Town Hall, 7pm. We need volunteers to keep PECSA going! If you child plays soccer, consider stepping up to help. Many hands make light work. We are only asking for a few hours of your time during the year, and a couple of hours a month during soccer season.  Don't hesitate to contact myself for more information.

Pam McRae

PECSA President

U11 Girls Rep Team 2018

PECSA is suspending all association with the U11 Girls REP team until further notice. All tryouts are cancelled effective immediately, October 10th, 2017

Thank you!

Thank you to our sponsors, coaches, volunteer executives, referees, parents and players for making 2017 the best year. A special thank you to Mother Nature for letting us have our tournament weekend rain free!

My term is up, thank you to everyone for making it amazing!

Tournament Finals Schedule

U7 - 10:00 Am - Hub vs. County Camo

          11:00Am - McDonalds vs Picton Harbor Inn

U9-10:0 Am - JH Porte vs Williamson Insurance

       11:00Am Masonic Lodge vs West Lake Willows

U11 - 10:00 Am - Loonie Bin vs Kingfisher

        11:00 Am - Clarks vs Canadian Supersellers

U13 - Final  - 12:00pm - Wellington Dukes vs Reynolds Farms

U17 - 8am - Royal Lepage vs Picton Harbour Inn

          9:00 Am - Cribs on the Creek vs Whattams

Upcoming Tournament

***NOTICE to all who will attend PECSA soccer tournament weekend***

We are approaching the busiest weekend for soccer in the County.  All of our players have had an excellent season and we would like each player, team, coach, parent, grandparent and guardian to finish the season off that way.

Soccer tournament weekend can be host to a lot of fun, laughter but also some high energy and serious competition.  We would like EVERYONE to keep the following things in mind.  

-This tournament is for the kids.  This is their opportunity to have a weekend of fun and exercise and enjoy the friendly competition with their friends.  We encourage cheering but will not tolerate negative comments, gestures or swearing at anyone on the field. 

-The executive and coaches are volunteers.  Without the commitment of these individuals we would not have soccer in the county.  While we welcome constructive feedback we will not tolerate any comments as stated above.

-Coaches have the final say in how they coach their team.  Please be respectful of this.  Coaches on the receiving end of inappropriate behaviour from spectators will have the authority to ask the ref or an executive member to stop the game and  intervene. 

-The refs have the final say.  They will call the game as they see it.  It is inappropriate to yell at the ref if you disagree with a call.   These refs are trained and have done an excellent job this season.  Please be respectful of their knowledge, skill and judgement.   The refs have the authority to stop the game for any poor behaviour including that of a player or spectator.

-The refs and executive have the right and authority to remove anyone from the field.  The game will be stopped until the individual is off the soccer property. 

Everyone, please play your part in making this weekend successful and fun for all that attend, especially the players.  Make sure your player has lots of water to drink.  The Kinsmen will host a bbq so there will food and drinks for purchase.  

From the entire PECSA executive, have a wonderful tournament weekend.

2017 PECSA Gary Parks Tournament Schedules

Our 2017 season is quickly coming to an end. The schedules are now posted below.

U7 Changes

Please be advised this was updated and correct July 26th. 

U9 Changes

Please be advised this schedule was corrected July 26th.  

U13 Final

Please note the final is at 12:00pm Johnson Street Fields, not 11:00 am as stated on the schedule.

Team Adjustments

We as an association do our best to balance teams. If after the second or third week, there is a clear unbalanced team, weak or strong, we reserve the right to adjust accordingly to make sure everyone has a great season.

The Weather Network

Local Weather Forecast for Picton ON

Welcome to our new website!

Welcome to our new website! We hope you find it very user friendly. Please take the time to browse around, and be patient as we work frantically to get this site up and fully functioning.

Whattams Funeral Home

A huge thank  you to Bob Osborne for allowing us to store our bulk field paint! Without this storage, we would not be able to buy in bulk and discount. Thank you!!


I would like to give a huge thanks to Dave Tugwood and his team for great soccer pictures this year! He also does Weddings, On Locations, Sports and Landscape Photography and can be reached at 

Soccer Nets

Effective Immediately, due to the tragic death of a teen in Napanee, no child is allowed to play on soccer nets. We as the executive will remove any one found playing around the nets. If it occurs during a game, the ref will stop the game, and the player will be removed.

Play safe!


Please ensure to stop by our local OPP office and have your police check complete. These need to be completed by the second week of play.

Thank you!

Online Registration Closed for all Registration

Challenger Sports Soccer Camp

Sign-up for the Prince Edward County Soccer Association Camp/s in the month of January & receive BONUS FREE SHIPPING ON THE REPLICA JERSEY!

The British Soccer Camp/s will be coming to our club this summer! July 3rd - 7th &/Or July 24th - 28th- Both programs taking place @ Johnson Street Soccer Fields

Each day includes individual foot skills, technical drills, tactical practices, small-sided games, coached scrimmages, and a daily World Cup tournament - For more information click the link to register




Play Fair

Coaches, please remember this is house league soccer! All players deserve the same amount of time on the field, no matter what their skill level is. Play Fair, Have Fun!

Jump Start

Jumpstart applications are only available online. You must fill out a registration form in person before applying for Jump Start. Please go to

Social Media

Please remember to always get permission from parents before posting pictures of other peoples children.


This is a list of commonly asked questions, please read through them before contacting us, as you may find your answer here.

1. When does the season start?

Our season starts the week of May 23th until August 10th, with our tournament weekend on August 12/13.

2. What night of the week do we play?

Until we close our registration, we are unable to predict how many teams in each age group, or what nights of play they will be playing. All games take place Monday - Thursday, 6pm  and approximately 7pm start for house league.

3. Can my child play if they are 3?

No, unfortunately SOSA (our boss) will not insure any player that is not 4 years of age during the year of play.

4. Can we make a request?

Requests are granted to sponsors of a team, and coaches who gratefully volunteer their time. All other requests are considered, but not guaranteed.

5. Refunds

Refunds are not given after the first week of play, unless their is a waiting list for that age group, and your child's spot is filled right away.

6.  Registration

Registration is open until April 23rd for house league. Online registration will be open longer, but ONLY for Adult League. If you try to register your child after House League has closed, it will not be valid, and a refund will be issued within 4 weeks.

7. Receipts

If your register in person, your receipt is issued right away, if you register online, you receive an email conformation. If this is lost, you will pay $20.00 to have a receipt re-issued.

8.  Hearing from you Coach

Parents should receive a call from their child's coach by May 20th. Please do not contact us to enquire about your child's team until after this date.

    Prince Edward County Soccer Association

    A Few Words About Us!
    During the past 18 years, Prince Edward County Soccer Association has gone through many changes. We started with one team, and for the first three years we  were supported by the Belleville Soccer Association. Into our fourth year we ventured out on our own, fingers crossed and luck on our side. All of our games were orginally played at PECI, and then a vision was seen for a lot across the road, and with the help of many sponsors, volunteers, parents, players and the executives...a dream was realized. Johnson Street was born!
    We now hold games four days a week on 6 spectacular fields, with the added benifit of Johnson Street.

    PECSA has gone from 40 players to an average of 1000 children enjoying the sport every summer.

    As we now enter into another great season, current PECSA executives would like to thank everyone that has been involved in some way for allowing us to grow the way we have! We couldn't have done it without you!
    Looking forward to a great 2016 Season!
    Pam McRae, PECSA President
    Contact Us

    Contact Us

    Prince Edward County Soccer Association