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PECSA Executive

For your information, this is the list of the Executive Committee for the Prince Edward County Soccer Association
Ben Parks ~ President 
Scott Wentworth ~ Past President & Field Manager
Ron Stakes ~ Past President & Referee Coordinator
Felicia Elliott- Scheduler & Equipment Manager
Barbara Burns-Sweet ~ Treasurer - 
Becki Martin ~ Membership Coordinator
Margie McConnell ~ Vice President & Coach Coordinator
Beth van der Bij ~ Communications 
Kendra Banfield~ Rep Liaison 
Mike Hanson ~Sponsorship Coordinator & Secretary 
Stacy Cole- Tournament Coordinator 
Justin Scanlon- Discipline Chair
Bryan Collins- Field Manager & Discipline Chair


Prince Edward County Soccer Association





     1.1 The name of this organization shall be the PRINCE EDWARD COUNTY SOCCER ASSOCITAION herein referred to as the   PECSA which is affiliated with Southeaster Ontario Soccer Association (SOSA)




     2.1 The Head Office of the PECSA shall be in the County of Prince Edward, in the Province of Ontario.

     2.2 The Fiscal Year will be from November 1 to October 31 of each year.


3. OBJECTIVES ? The PECSA is a non-profit-capital (not for profit) organization. The principle objectives of the PECSA are as follows:


     3.1 To develop, encourage and promote the game of soccer.

     3.2 To assist in the development of sportsmanship, good fellowship and community spirit through involvement in the game of soccer.

     3.3 To sponsor and promote athletic, social and other special activities which may offset some operating expenses of the PECSA.

     3.4 To receive, hold and use all money and other assets subscribed to it or acquired in any other way.

     3.5 The PECSA shall operate without the purpose of pecuniary gain to any of the members and any surplus of the PECA shall be used solely for the purpose of the PECSA and for the promotion of its objectives.

     3.6 The goals of the REP program within the PECSA organization will be:

     3.6.1 To develop the REP program with the understanding that PECSA is first and foremost a House League club and the House League issues will take precedence over REP team issues.

     3.6.2 To prioritize not only our players? skill development, but also their self-confidence, sense of team and overall personal development.

     3.6.3 To maintain and further develop the reputation of PECSA as a club that epitomizes sportsmanship through fair play, hard work and respect of both opponents and officials.

     3.6.4 To offer those players who wish to progress to a college/university varsity level soccer with an advanced level of skill development and competition necessary to pursue this individual goal.

     3.6.5 To be financially independent and self-sufficient of the House League. This will ensure the House League is still the focus of the PECSA executive.






     4.1 A member is defined as any player over the age of 18 or younger, through his or her guardian, who expresses and interest in pursuing the objectives of the PECSA as stated in Article 3. Hereto after referred to as players.

     4.2 Playing privileges shall be open to any minor who is classified as 18 or younger, though his or her guardian, who expresses an interest in pursuing the objectives of PECSA as stated in article 3, hereto after referred to as players.

     4.3 Playing privileges are granted to players up to one year ending May 31, for those who pay dues. Any members in default automatically cease to be members of the PECSA. Any such member may, upon payment of all unpaid dues or fees, be reinstated as members of the PECA. Membership dues or fees will be determined annually by the executive of the PECSA.

     4.4 Any player whos conduct is considered contrary to the objects of the PECSA shall attend before a Discipline Committee to explain his/her actions. The Discipline Committee will have the power to suspend or revoke that player?s right to play.




     5.1 Voting rights are open to any member in good standing order with PECSA.

     5.2 Each member is entitled to one vote at Annual General Meetings and all Special General Meetings. No proxy voting will be permitted.




     6.1 The affairs of the PECSA shall be managed by five (5) officers including a President, Vice-President, Past-President, Secretary, and Treasurer.

     6.2 The Board of Directors shall consist of a maximum of 14 members.

     6.3 The President is responsible for the overall supervision and administration affairs of the PECSA and ensures that all policies and actions approved by the general membership or by the Executive Committee are properly implement. The President presides at general meeting, (unless a moderator is appointed), of the PECSA and also chairs the meeting of the Executive Committee.

     6.4 The Vice-President fulfills the duties of the President when that person is temporarily absent or is otherwise unable to perform the duties of the office. The Vice-President also performs specific duties assigned by the President, the Executive Committee, or general membership.

     6.5 The Past-President is available to undertake any special duties assigned by the President or request by the Executive Committee or general membership.

     6.6 The secretary is responsible for general correspondence and internal communication within the PECSA. The Secretary issues notices and agenda, prepares ad maintains and distributes minutes of the meetings of the general membership and of the Executive Committee.

     6.7 The Treasurer is responsible for the care and custody of the fund and other financial assets of the PECSA and for making payments for all approved expenses incurred by the PECSA. The Treasurer maintains books of the accounts which shall be available for inspection by members at any reasonable time upon request. At each Annual General meeting the Treasurer shall present an account of the finances of the PECSA and a budget to be presented at the first executive meeting. This budget will include any recommendations for change in the annual dues paid by members.

     6.8 All officers and members of standing committees shall remain in office until their successors are elected or appointed, unless they resign, or are removed from office. A position will be declared vacant if an officer misses three (3) consecutive meetings without prior authorization by the executive. Proper notice must be given of motion to remove a person from office and the individual concerned shall be given an opportunity to speak before such a motion is put to a vote.




     7.1 The Executive Committee of the PECSA will consist of senior Officers and Directors.

     7.2 A senior officer consists of one person holding the position of President, Vice-President, Past-President, Secretary, or Treasurer.

     7.3 Other positions on the Executive are held by Directors. The position of Director may be filled by one person, or, at the discretion of the senior officers, by two people working jointly, to fill the duties of that position.

     7.4 The Executive shall take the initiative in preparing policies and actions for consideration and possible action by the general membership. The executive is also responsible for the implementation of all resolutions passed at general meetings of the membership and for the management of the affairs of the PECSA between general meetings.

     7.5 Meetings of the Executive Committee are called by the President. The Executive Committee may also meet at the request of at least three of its members.

     7.6 A quorum shall consist of five persons in attendance from the Executive, where the Executive is defined as officers and Directors as stated in sections 7.2 and 7.3 respectively. At least two Officers of the PECSA must be in attendance.




     8.1 The general membership shall retain all powers of the PECSA except those delegated in this Constitution to the Executive Committee.

     8.2 The Annual General Meeting will be held after October 31 of each year, prior to the SOSA Annual General Meeting. Public notice of the Annual General Meeting will be given fourteen (14) days prior to the meeting with notice of amendments to be submitted seven (7) days prior to the Annual General Meeting.

     8.3 The President or the Secretary may call and executive meeting at any time by giving at least seven (7) days notice of the time and place of the meeting.

     8.4 In addition to the Annual General Meeting, there shall be at least four (4) Executive Meetings in each fiscal year. The Annual  General Meeting shall be held in the month of November of each year in a location to be advertised.

     8.5 The Executive Committee may call a Special General Meeting by giving at least seven (7) days notice of the time and place of the meeting, and the specific items to be considered. No additional items may be added to the agenda for a Special General Meeting.

     8.6 The Secretary shall call a Special General Meeting within seven (7) days of receiving a written petition signed by at least five full members and stating the purpose of the meeting.

     8.7 The Executive may, from time to time, recommend to the membership that a Moderator be appointed to chair general meetings. This recommendation shall include specific terms of reference for such an office.

     8.8 The general meeting may, from time to time, appoint a member to serve in the roll of moderator.

     8.8.1 Monitor, to assist the chair with the timing of agenda.

     8.8.2 Recorder, to assist the chair with the organization, presentation, and recording of ideas.

     8.9 For all general meetings, a majority of the Executive shall be in attendance.

     8.10 Quorum at all general meetings shall be the majority of members in attendance.




     9.1 The election of officers on the Executive Committee shall take place by written vote at the Annual General Meeting. Chairs of standing committees are elected by and from the respective committees.

     9.2 Candidates for office is open to all current members of the PECSA and interested persons, over the age of eighteen (18)

     9.3 Only persons that have had a minimum of one year experience before position of offer can be held.

     9.4 The President will be responsible for filling any vacated positions during a term.

     9.5 Where no suitable candidate is available for nomination and election to the role of Treasurer, having the requisite one (1) year of prior executive experience, accounting and computer skills, then the organization is free to accept nominations of candidates from outside the existing executive.

     9.6 A few weeks before the Annual General Meeting, the Executive Committee shall appoint a Nominating Committee composed of three (3) full members.

     9.7 Sufficiently prior to the Annual General meeting, the Nominating Committee shall:

     9.7.1 Inform the membership of all vacant positions for officers and members of committees.

     9.7.2 Invite nominations for members to stand for election to these positions.

     9.7.3 Announce that the closing date for such nominations shall be the day of the scheduled date of the Annual General Meeting.


     9.8 The Nominating Committee shall check that those who have been nominated are willing to serve if elected to office and shall ensure that at least one (1) name is put forward for each vacant position.

     9.9 The report from the Nomination Committee shall be attached to the agenda circulated for the Annual General Meeting and shall contain the names of all persons nominated and willing to serve. Further nominations may be moved from the floor of the Annual General Meeting. The results shall be reported to the meeting through the Chair and shall be recorded in the minutes.



     10.1 The following standing committees shall be established to facilitate the achievement of the purposes of the PECSA:

     10.1.1 Discipline Committee:

     10.1.2 Rep/Select Committee:

     10.1.3 Nominating Committee:


     10.2 Terms of reference for standing committees shall be prepared the Executive Committee and put before the membership for approval at a general meeting.


     10.3 A quorum for all standing committees shall be a majority.


     10.4 The terms of reference for all committees shall include the following:


     10.4.1 The status of the committee (standing or ad hoc).

     10.4.2 The type of committee (discussion, working, etc.. ).

     10.4.3 The overall purpose.

      10.4.4 Any specific directives defining the goals or tasks.

      10.4.5 The relationship to any other overlapping activities of the PECSA.

      10.4.6 The composition, what officers and authority granted to include other members.

      10.4.7 The assignment of any staff as associated members/other duties or

     10.4.8 Any special mode of operation (telephone, meeting, etc? )

     10.4.9 An upper limit of expenses the committee can incur.

     10.4.10 The preferred time and method for reporting.

     10.4.11 For standing committees, the terms of office for members and whether successive terms and permitted.

     10.4.12 The method for election of new members and for filling casual vacancies.

      10.4.13 The method of election or appointment of the chair.



      11.1 Cheques to disburse the funds of the PECSA shall bear the signatures of any two of the President, Vice-President, Treasurer, or Secretary, provided all signed officers are in accordance with the Ontario Conflict of Interest Guidelines.

     11.2 No Executive Committee shall receive any remuneration for duties performed on behalf of the PECSA, but these persons may be repaid for reasonable expenses incurred while performing these duties.

     11.3 The financial accounts and other books of the PECSA shall be made available for inspection by members upon reasonable request.




     12.1 Robert?s Rules of Order shall govern the PECSA in all procedural matters contained in this constitution.




     13.1 This Constitution may be amended by approval of a motion by two thirds (2/3) majority of votes cast at a general meeting, provided at least two weeks notice is given in writing to the Secretary for such a motion.




     14.1 The discipline committee will be comprised of the Vice-President, Coaches Liaison, and Referees Coordinator.

     14.2 The discipline committee will have the power to suspend or revokes a players? right to play

     14.3 The policy regarding a player receiving a red card during the course of a game shall be his/her removal from play for the remainder of that game. The player will also be suspended from playing his/her next game.

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